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The guarantee “satisfied or refunded” is proposed only on the Full Day 3 month program. Thus, we promise to reimburse you 1 month of the program if the results obtained are not as expected and foreseen by your sports and nutritional coach, at your first meeting.

Various indicators will allow us to quantify the results such as the BMI (body mass index), measurements as well as the comparison of photos.

Please note that this warranty applies only if you have honored all the sports trainings advocated by your sports coach.

The answer lies in our winning equation: sport + nutrition!
In the different solutions you have been able to test. Several reasons may justify the absence of results, the recovery of the initial weight or even more (the famous yoyo effect).

Inadequate physical exercises, diet not conforming to your metabolism, lack of motivation because of non-existent supervision …
Get me fit, is a team of fitness and nutrition professionals, mobilizing each of their skills to accompany you in reaching your objectives. This synergy is key to the success of our programs.
You will learn to eat healthier whilst enjoying yourself, you will adapt to new eating habits so that at the end of the program, you become autonomous.

Convinced that your objectives will be met, we take no risk by offering you the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. You have nothing to lose, only your extra pounds. 😉

Yes, all dishes are elaborated taking into account individual pathologies (diabetes, obesity, cholesterol …), intolerances and allergies (gluten, nuts, lactose …) or other special dietary needs or circumstances (breastfeeding). The closer monitoring of complex cases may entail a slight increase in price.

By informing us of your absence 2 weeks before, you have the possibility to postpone the missing weeks at the end of your program. Deferral applies only on full weeks (Monday to Sunday).

Please note that the deferral, regardless of its duration, results in the cancellation of the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee.

Yes ! The simple nutrition will allow you to obtain very good results.

However, your results will be even more meaningful if you integrate regular exercising that will help you to sculpt your figure, tone, firm and reduce cellulite.

According to your objectives, 2 to 3 weekly training sessions of one hour on average are recommended by your sports coach. Training sessions take place at the Fitness Zone Fitness Center, 103, rue des Bruyères in Howald.

The results vary per individual. We noted an average loss of 10 kg in only 3 months, with a reduced waist of 15 cm and a significant reduction in BMI.

The objectives and results that you can expect will be defined during your first meeting with the sports coach and the nutritional coach. Do not hesitate to ask for a free report without obligation!

With Get me fit, see first results from within the first couple of days. However, we recommend that you opt for a 3-month formula during which you will learn to eat better and enjoy yourself. You will adapt to new eating habits so that at the end of the program you will become autonomous.

Get me fit programs are suitable for everyone, regardless of your goals (weight loss, muscle mass, diet rebalancing, rehabilitation) or your profile (sedentary, beginner athlete or high level athlete).

Every week, choose your dishes from a rich and varied gourmet menu, with, each month, more unique recipes to choose from. If you do not have a microwave, you can order cold dishes such as mixed salads.

Three times a week, freshly cooked daily meals are delivered to your office or home within a 10 km radius. You can also pick up your meals directly at our restaurant
In Vivo in Gasperich or at Fitness Zone in Howald.

Each week, you order your dishes for the coming week, using an online form. It’s that simple.

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